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Fashion API is a web API for fashion image analysis.

It is designed to bring the power of AI to fashion industry and to be as simple as possible to use.

The API lets you perform fashion image tagging with tens of cloth items and fashion accessories.

Top 5 tags

top, t-shirt  
bag, wallet  


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How to use

The following example demonstrates how to perform HTTP request for classification of two images using curl command line utility.

curl -X POST -F"image=@asymmetrical-dress.jpg" -F"image=@awsomehat.jpg"


The output json contains probabilities for both images:

    "api-version": "2.0",
    "error-message": "",
    "response": [
            "image": "asymmetrical-dress.jpg",
            "prediction": {
                "dress": 0.51800805,
                "belt": 0.13203108,
                "bag, wallet": 0.12736950,
            "image": "awsomehat.jpg",
            "prediction": {
                "hat": 0.62811311,
                "glasses": 0.24072719,
                "jacket": 0.08358212,
    "status": "OK"


Under the hood

The CVisionLab Fashion API web service is built on top of Google Cloud Platform. Here is the architecture of end-to-end pipeline.

gcp arch